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In which I finally finish The Chesapeake Bay Saga


Ali basically ignored this book in her review so I’ll give a few more thoughts. Our hero here is Seth, who was the foster kid up adopted by the Quinn brothers in the rest of the series. It’s about 15 years later. The heroine is a DC society refugee who’s set up a completely adorable flower shop in St. Christopher.
I loved this series, and I loved this book because it had all the same people from the series, but there are some parts that were SUPER eye rolly. Let’s list them, shall we?

Okay, so, first of all, Seth is supposed to be this super famous and ridiculously rich artist, so your disbelief is required to be suspended from a fucking tightrope across the Grand Canyon. Also, he’s a PAINTER, and he doesn’t paint anything modern or interesting (although I guess there’s no accounting for taste here). Just landscapes and people and his ladyfriend Drusilla in ridiculous outfits (like, 90’s ridiculous) and of course naked. And his art sells for like, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Basically, I can’t help but picture all of Seth’s work as if he’s some kind of Thomas Kinkade. Although people mysteriously pay shitloads of money for the Painter of Light’s canvas monstrosities, so perhaps La Nora is not far off on that count.

SECOND ISSUE. Seth’s big whole problem is ****SPOILER ALERT***** his mom is a drug addict and an alcoholic and every few months she shows up to shake him down for money. Seth fretted forever and he couldn’t figure out what to do, and the entire time I was like, “I HAVE A BRILLIANT SOLUTION. STOP GIVING HER MONEY.” If your dog shits on the carpet, you don’t hand him a biscuit afterwards and say “Okay, now don’t do that again!” It wasn’t until the end of the book that I got a better idea of how destructive and awful his mother could be, and even then I was wondering why Seth hadn’t called the cops a decade ago. I guess if he did, then there wouldn’t be a book, and so maybe the tens of thousands of dollars was worth my reading experience.

That said, it was great! And you would be INSAAAANE not to go check out this series right away. It’s the perfect ~*~beach reading~*~, although I mostly read it in my living room sitting directly on top of an air conditioning vent.

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More Thoughts on the Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts

I. CAN’T. STOP. I spent most of the weekend blowing through the end of Ethan’s book and onto Phillip’s. I told myself I would stop there, but I caved before I was even halfway through the last of the original series and bought the fourth book, which La Nora added many years later.

If that paragraph confused the shit out of you, go here for my original thoughts, or read Ali’s review of the series here.

Anyways, there’s not much of a point in a full-scale review, and I loved both books, and I want to say something about the second book, which has some vaguely watery name (Inner Harbor? Chesapeake Winds? Whatevs, the one about Ethan).

I’ve enjoyed the whole series so far, but let me tell you, there is something really, really, REALLY special about Ethan and Grace’s story. They are both quiet, steadfast, people with ordinary lives, but their love story is something extraordinary to me. It is really wonderful to read about two people, neither of which are secret billionaires or vampire hunters, who have loved each other quietly for a very long time and are FINALLY getting to hook it up.

Ethan is a fisherman and a boat builder. Grace cleans houses, works in a bar, and is a wonderful, dedicated mother to her two-year-old daughter. By the end of the book, neither of them has decided to go off to college and revamp their career, and neither of them inherits a large sum of money that would allow them to retire to St. Thomas. They stay in the same town where they’ve spent almost their entire lives. And it is AWESOME.

I said last time, this series is like a brain vacation. There was nothing better than a holiday weekend spent with my nose stuck in a book. If you need some glorious escapism, I would pick this shit up as soon as possible, and on the way home grab a bottle of wine. You will thank me.

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Progress Report: Chesapeake Bay Saga Book 1

Ali reviewed it, too, so check this shit out.

I thought about doing a full review for each book, but after reading the first book, I don’t really feel like it’s necessary - it’s pretty obvious this is going to be a continuing story, and I’m going to continue to read it.

So! First book. The hero and heroine are cool, but not like, MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. What makes this worth reading is the ~*~story~*~ and, even more, the ~*~setting~*~. Being out on the Chesapeake with this family is a pretty serious literary vacation, and you better be ready to hit up some seafood after you’re ready because holy shit, I need some fucking crab and I need it now. There are boats and cottages and I can practically feel the quaintness leaping up off the page and putting fresh flowers in my house and hanging sheets on a line outside.

I am already in love with the hero of the second book, the quiet middle brother Ethan. He’s a WATERMAN. He knows all about boats and is out on the water all day and all he needs is the love of a good woman.

By all means, get going on this series and get your summer started right now. I’m in the south, and I read it while it was already disgustingly humid and hot outside and while cicadas screeched their disgusting asses off right outside my window. It totally took me away, and it will take you out on a dreamy sailboat of sex and imagination. Or something. Take my word for it.

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The Chesapeake Bay Saga (ALL OF IT), by Nora Roberts - Capsy Canadian Review

Okay, so it’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Nora Roberts. Some people disagree, and that’s fine, whatever, I have no plans for world domination, so I don’t need everyone to like the same things I do. And I will admit that she is not always fantastic. But she’s put out so many books that I sort of forgiver her, because you can’t hit a home run every single time, right? Or something.

Anyways, so after the whole Romance Authors as Food thing, I was like, MAN, I NEED TO RE-READ SOME NORA. So acquired copies of her Chesapeake Bay Saga. The first three books - I don’t really like the fourth book because Seth is like, this world famous artist, and I don’t really believe it because his art doesn’t seem to involve piles of dirt or dead sharks or other things that I associate with successful contemporary artists.

ANYWAYS. So this ~*~*saga*~**~ is about the Quinn brothers. All three were adopted by Ray and Stella Quinn when they were like, 11-13ish, and have grown up to be fairly normal, cool guys, despite all of them coming from pretty terrible childhoods. The overarching story in the books is that Ray, a widower (Stella got the cancer several years ago) was in the process of adopting a 10 year old boy, when he died suddenly. His sons decide to band together to keep Seth.

[Cut to save your dash!]

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