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The Chesapeake Bay Saga (ALL OF IT), by Nora Roberts - Capsy Canadian Review

Okay, so it’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Nora Roberts. Some people disagree, and that’s fine, whatever, I have no plans for world domination, so I don’t need everyone to like the same things I do. And I will admit that she is not always fantastic. But she’s put out so many books that I sort of forgiver her, because you can’t hit a home run every single time, right? Or something.

Anyways, so after the whole Romance Authors as Food thing, I was like, MAN, I NEED TO RE-READ SOME NORA. So acquired copies of her Chesapeake Bay Saga. The first three books - I don’t really like the fourth book because Seth is like, this world famous artist, and I don’t really believe it because his art doesn’t seem to involve piles of dirt or dead sharks or other things that I associate with successful contemporary artists.

ANYWAYS. So this ~*~*saga*~**~ is about the Quinn brothers. All three were adopted by Ray and Stella Quinn when they were like, 11-13ish, and have grown up to be fairly normal, cool guys, despite all of them coming from pretty terrible childhoods. The overarching story in the books is that Ray, a widower (Stella got the cancer several years ago) was in the process of adopting a 10 year old boy, when he died suddenly. His sons decide to band together to keep Seth.

[Cut to save your dash!]

Book one is with Cameron, who is the first son the Quinns adopted. He is a racer. Like, boats, cars, whatever, anything that goes fast. He lives this JETSET, playboy lifestyle, but he has to come home when his dad dies, and help look after Seth and figure what the fuck he’s gonna do with his life. He is ~*~*dangerous*~**~, you know the type. And then he meets Seth’s social worker, Anna Spinelli. Sparks fly and despite both having really horrible things in their past, they make things work. All while Cam is struggling with a huge life change, as well as starting a wooden boat building business with his brothers (insert all sorts of interesting things about boats and Maryland’s Eastern shore).

The second book deals with Ethan, the second brother. Ethan is a waterman, who makes his living trolling for oysters, fishing and crabbing. He’s like, the ~*~*~strong, silent type*~*~*. Btdubs, this is my favourite book in the series. Ethan has always loved Grace, but he can’t let himself near her, because he’s *~*~DAMAGED*~*~* (Ethan was sexually abused A LOT as a kid). Grace is a hardworking single mom, who always wanted to a dancer in NYC, but her parents wouldn’t help her, and then she got preggers and married this tool who ran off. So now she’s like, a fucking super mom and really pretty awesome. I love love love this book, because I love Grace and Ethan both, and when they get their happy ever after, I pretty much cry every time. Also, there are lots of sheets flapping on the line and goddamn that is my least favourite thing about apartment living I MISS SHEETS DRIED ON THE LINE.

The third book is with Phillip and Sybill. Phillip has a fancy advertising job IN THE CITY! Baltimore, precisely. He is all suave and sophisticated and knows shit about wine. Even though I know I said the previous one was my fave, I really really like Phillip, and I would TOTALLY jump his bones if I got the chance. Anyways, so Phillip is now living part time back on the shore, to help with raising Seth and he does all the business stuff with the boat building stuff and also helps out with physical labour and is still working full time in Baltimore and he’s fucking tired and man, life sucks. And then he meets Sybill who is a mildly famous psychologist who wrote some books about like, urban behaviour or some shit and he falls hard. AND THEN YOU GUYS SPOILER ALERT because she turns out to be Seth’s aunt. Seth’s mom, Gloria is this heinous bitch who basically sold Seth to Ray, and then kept blackmailing him for more money and now she’s trying to get Seth back but that would be terrible, because she’s abusive and a drug addict and Seth loves love loves being a Quinn. So all these secrets come out and Phillip is all like, OMG SYBILL I CAN’T TRUST YOU, and she has migraines because no one has ever loved her and IT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY WHEN THEY GET TOGETHER TOO. LIKE, SO HAPPY.

Anyways, so like I said, there’s a book about Seth, and it’s okay, but it’s not great. There is this dumb part at the beginning where Seth comes home from being a ~*~*~*succesful artist in Europe*~*~**~ and Anna catches him up on everyone and it is like, THE WORST INFO DUMP EVAR. Nora, you should be ashamed of yourself, it’s so bad. But the lady he hooks up with has an adorable flower shop, so that’s kind of good.

The best thing, to me, about Nora’s books is that the settings are always really important. I’m sure it helps that she can clearly pay for like, an army of research assistants, but all of her books are always really grounded in a place, and she does a great job of inserting her research without it being too infodumpy. I have never been to Maryland (or actually, anywhere in the Eastern US) but I feel as though I have now, and honestly, I can’t wait to go in real life, because CRABS!! And OYSTERS!! And you know, it sounds pretty and all.

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